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Our Services

We offer a variety of services and products focused on your level of comprehension and needs. Whether you are setting up a new computer or programming a website we can help you in some way. Windows, Mac, or Linux your work is important and you deserve reliability.

  • Computer Hardware or Software Installation / Maintainence
    Over time computers and software designs become obsolete or just plain fall apart. One hard drive failure could destroy all of your data, but we can help create a backup plan for you. We can even transfer all of your data to a new computer!
  • Virus Removal
  • E-mail Assistance
    Do you have two phones and two computers and want your e-mail to syncronize between them all? We can also design your own personal signature for sent e-mail messages.
  • Software Training
    We offer support for most large vendors like Microsoft, Apple, HP, Adobe Systems, and Dell. If you have purchased software but do not understand how to use it, then call us. The world is inundated with amazing software, but we more than likely support what you use.
  • Website Development
    Setting up a new website or tweaking an old one does not have to be a painstaking task that keeps you up all night. We offer assistance with the most widely used web technologies and languages, and we will even call the hosting company on your behalf if necessary.
  • Programming Assistance
    We can help develop software in a variety of different languages including C / C# / C++, Objective C, Java, Perl, and Javascript. There are other languages we can assist with, and you can call or e-mail us for more information.
  • And more!
    If you have a special problem and you are not sure where to go, we might be able to help.

Quality consultation is just a phone call away!